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Annual Study Tour 2019

The Annual Study Tour this year takes the Society to the west coast of Scotland.  An excellent programme has been created by Central Region starting in Dunoon and culminating at Cashel Forest on Loch Lommond-side.  The programme is set out below.  Please down load the booking form and send it with payment to George Moore, our Executive Director.

Annual study tour schedule 2019

13 May
Dunloskin Forest
13 05 2019 9:00 am

Planning and management of shared timber haul routes; restocking; mountain biking.

13 May

Harvesting and restocking contracts; Community Asset Transfer Scheme; Recreation management.

13 May

Guest Speaker: Jo O’Hara - Head of Forestry Commission Scotland.                                                                      

14 May

Rothesay. Conifer collections; Rebuilding Sawmill; Biomass boiler & wood fuel supply; proposed timber pier.

14 May

Community Land Co. Plans / Organisation.

15 May
Kilmun Forest Garden
15 05 2019 10:00 am

Tree species performance monitoring by Forest Research.

15 May

Trails / specimen conifers

16 May

The opening and exploration of the new Millennial Paths