A cover for tempestuous times
Journal with image of storm damage

A cover for tempestuous times

The Spring 2022 edition of our journal Scottish Forestry reflects the issues of the moment and the long history of the Royal Scottish Forestry Society and the timeframe of the forests.

The months since our Winter 2021 edition have been tempestuous. In the literal sense, Storm Arwen and her siblings cut swathes through Scotland’s forests. Heartrending for those seeing well-loved woods uprooted, it was also (and remains) a huge logistical challenge: clearing windblow, making woods safe again, getting the right storm-toppled species to market at the right time, and for the Scottish government a test of its felling licence system. We cover this in the Letters pages and Jenny Johnson’s reflections on Arwen, its aftermath and future adaptation. We are grateful for Ben Crisford’s astonishing aerial images, including our cover– a remarkable photo essay.

Tempests, too, in geopolitics: the Ukraine-Russia crisis has destabilised relations with timber trade giants as war, sanctions and commercial boycotts create disruption and uncertainty, and risks around Russian oil and gas add more attention to wood as energy source (though with disagreements over its relative sustainability).

Indeed, we ask wood to do so much – a clear theme from our COP26 special. Since the world’s eyes were on Glasgow our contributors from across industry, government, conservation, science and community to reflect on how our forests should respond to the climate and biodiversity crises.

On other pages, foresters seeking greater yields will find much of interest in Bill Mason and co-authors’ study on the ‘nursing’ effect of mixing species. Douglas MacMillan makes a case for robust legislative intervention on deer numbers. And Tom Mitchell reports on how the Society is carefully preserving – and opening up – this journal’s 166-year history using modern technology.

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