Forestry in mixed farm management

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08.05.2024 9:30 am
Crichie Estate
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The estate and the village of Stuartfield lie some 10 miles west of Peterhead, a prosperous fishing port on the North Sea.  The Buchan plain tilts gently to the east, the topography is gently rolling and practically the whole area is occupied by mixed farming. The climate is often described as bleak and this description may well be occasioned by the lack of shelter, either topographical or vegetative, to break the winds which can sweep unhindered over this extensive plain.

Mr Burnett-Stuart has managed the estate successfully as a mainly farming enterprise for over 40 years and we shall find out how forestry is now part of that management regime. We shall see some commercial conifer areas that have been recently felled and restocked, areas of mixed 1984 and 1987 broad leaved planting and a visit to the policy woodland around Crichie house which was planted in the 1750’s. There are extensive areas of windblow on the estate and we shall see the effects of this on management policy. There is a small private sawmill located on the estate where the owner Paul Macullum converts local timber, both coniferous  and broadleaved  into various wooden products  which are sold widely across the UK.


Mr Geordie Burnett Stuart whose family has owned Crichie estate since the early 1700’s.


Understand how good woodland management can benefit

  • a mixed estate; and
  • local industries such as a small sawmill through co-operation.


Coffee and cake is kindly being provided by the North East Region secretary.

Bring Your Own Lunch and other refreshments

PPE or special equipment

Good quality wet weather clothing.

Terrain and accessibility

Terrain is undulating in parts with no steep slopes. Surface is generally good. Short walks will be necessary to visit some areas.

Meeting point

Participants to meet in car park in front of Crichie house. 

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Crichie Estate

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