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Bluebells at Cashel
Bluebells in Ardyle oakwood at Cashel
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30.05.2024 9:30 am
Cashel Forest Trust
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After an introduction in the Cashel Forest Centre, and a review of the handouts, the morning will be spent in the oak, ash and riparian woodlands of nearby Ardyle Wood.  We will focus on the vascular plants which indicate the different site types, including soil conditions, and NVC woodland communities. Ancient woodland indicator species will be noted and some distinctive indicator bryophytes.

The afternoon will largely focus on open ground habitats at Cashel; types of ground often used for planting. We will mostly be on the hill, viewing grasslands, heathlands and mires, identifying the common plant species which indicate the main site types. Two more upland woodland communities will be seen. Again, there will be some soil pits to visit, including one in more improved agricultural grassland back down near the visitor centre.

Full programme and a comprehensive set of handouts will be sent nearer the time.


During this largely field-based day participants will learn to identify key plants associated with different types of woodland and open ground habitats; plants which indicate soil factors and which aid tree species selection and forest management decisions.

Ancient woodland indicators, bryophytes and links to National Vegetation Classification (NVC) and Ecological Site Classification (ESC) will be touched on. Several soil pits and soil exposures will be seen during the day and associated plants identified.

The handouts and reading list will be enable participants to continue learning afterwards.


  • Carol Crawford
  • Andrew MacQueen


Tea & coffee on arrival and in afternoon.

Bring Your Own packed lunch

PPE or special equipment

  • Waterproof outerwear; and
  • Suitable footwear.

A list of what to bring will be sent nearer time.

Terrain and accessibility

The morning will be largely on made paths, initially with a steady incline, descending in second half.

In the afternoon we will largely be on rough ground, rather than tracks, including wet mires, and there will be short distances of relatively strenuous walking.

Meeting point

Cashel Visitor Centre

WTW: /dull/activates/online

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