Cover of Winter 2019 Scottish Forestry - Celebrating 100 years of state forestry
Winter 2019 cover wooded landscape Forestry 100

Scottish Forestry celebrates 100 years of state forestry

As 2019 draws to a close, our journal Scottish Forestry rounds off the year with a bumper edition.  Marking 100 years of state forestry, it explains the role of the Society in the formation of the Forestry Commission from the years leading up to 1919 and then tracing milestones at 25 year intervals through past issues of Scottish Forestry. 

Retired Forestry Commissioner George Stewart, who fittingly turned 100 earlier in December, pens a farewell to the Forestry Commission.  His story is told in previous journals and is now available as a video interview here.

We look forward also with articles on the skills shortage in the forestry sector and a vision for the forests themselves.  An analysis of public perceptions in relation to government objecitves provides an important part of the evidence base for the future of state forestry in Scotland.

2019 was a year in which our field trips and annual study tour focussed on the centenary theme and the reports and photographs bring back memories of a busy and informative programme.




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