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16 04 2020 10:00 am
Wilma Harper


In line with government guidance on Covid-19, we have decided to cancel all Royal Scottish Forestry Society events from now to the end of July.  Like many other bodies, we are taking this action to stop unnecessary travel and to protect both vulnerable people and the wider population.

We are grateful to the many woodland owners and managers who offered to host events for RSFS.  We hope these postponed events can be reinstated once circumstances allow.

We have retained some information about the event which may be of interest.

Falgunzeon. Facilitated by Colin Saunders of FLS.

Topics to be covered:

  • Starter Farm concept
  • Woodland Creation Framework project (P2013) – how this worked out
  • Ground prep: ploughing/mounding/direct plant – compare success
  • RSFS Monitor Woods Scheme
  • Sycamore clone orchard provenance trials (Forest Research) 
  • Sitka and various pines plantings / Oak/Norway spruce mix
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