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Monitor Woods

RSFS Monitor Woods Scheme is designed to deliver learning across the forestry and woodland sector and to the wider public.  The principle objective is to facilitate access to good practice in forestry and to encourage more and better managed woods to deliver the optimum range of multiple benefits for public and private good.

Forestry Commission Scotland asked RSFS was to implement the recommendations of the report we delivered to them in March 2017; namely, to develop the initial cohort of Monitor Woods as a demonstration of what a full scale Monitor Woods Scheme could deliver.

The Initial Cohort of Monitor Woods clearly demonstrate the potential of the scheme to deliver an extremely valuable learning resource across the forest sector and wider public.  In order to realise the full potential that the Monitor Woods Scheme can deliver an efficient means of data collection and cataloguing is required. Coupling data to publishing/public outreach mechanisms will take the MWS programme to a whole different level providing a unique learning and research tool for a wide spectrum of stakeholders.

Our intent is to host a new web-based records management system which will permit any interested visitor, at home or abroad, to access their particular interest and the locations, for learning, review, planning or visiting.

Canopy, our working name for the toolkit, would seek to be an essential learning/management tool designed to enable sites to be identified under a number of search criteria; e.g. age class, species, ground preparation, management systems – continuous cover, thinning regimes etc

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