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LDNS Oct 16

BDS Deer Distribution Survey

Every five years the BDS runs a Deer Distribution Survey to plot the distribution of all six species of British deer; the resulting maps provide an overview not only of current status, but also an indication of spread or decline since the preceding surveys.

21 October 2016

Many organisations, scientists, researchers and students benefit from this information that is widely used and quoted. BDS distribution maps appear in scientific papers, books and other publications and have been used for television programmes.

Many of the survey results come from information provided on an individual basis and that is where you can help.
The BDS is requesting a record by six figure grid reference of what species of deer are currently present on grounds you manage.  This information will ultimately be presented in 10km x 10km squares.  Specific locations will remain confidential but are needed to validate the data.  This information will be fed into the BDS master database in the next month or so.

Duplicated reports are not an issue, and serve to strengthen the data held. To participate in the survey go to

CWD in Europe latest
Five cases have now been reported in Norway: three reindeer in a small area, and two moose. There were 300 reindeer killed nearby by lightning. All adults were tested and all shown negative of CWD.

The EU has considered the regulations required to allow traditional Sami (Laplanders) reindeer herding, but with strict rules about transportation.
This report explains the science involved in the Norwegian cases

Regular updates on CWD can be found on a dedicated section on the BDS website as well as guidance on minimising risk of spreading the disease. This information is of vital importance for everyone, and essential for those accessing areas where there might be risk of infection

SNH Authorisations Review Panel Report
The SNH Authorisations Review Panel Report has been published. Here is the link:  
We will wish to consider its findings and recommendations before making any detailed comment but it would be helpful for any individual observations or reactions to be sent to Richard Cooke, Chairman, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



This bulletin is produced for the Lowland Deer Network Scotland by Playfair Walker.


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