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Autumn journal features apples and much more

The autumn 2019 edition of the Royal Scottish Forestry Society’s journal “Scottish Forestry” has just been published. This latest edition is filled with interesting news, reports, articles, letters and book reviews. We have two peer-reviewed papers: Rick Worrell et al cover research into wild apple genetics in Scotland and Paul Smith reviews shelterbelt trials set up in the Outer Hebrides in the 1960s. There is a feature about protecting red squirrels and managing greys, written by the organisations involved.There are reports of Regional outings and our Northern Ireland study tour, and the annual Pinewood Managers report.

The Society is grateful to the Sir Henry Angest Foundation for generously supporting the journal for the last three years. The Arbuthnot Banking Group PLC will support the journal for the next two years. This allows us to continue publishing three editions per year.

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