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Editor steps down

Dr Jenny Johnson vacates the post after five years.

During this year's Annual Lecture the President presented Jenny with her farewell presentation. Sir Patrick thanked Jenny for her dedication, enthusiasm, professionalism and being a stalwart member of the Society who had broadcast our credentials throughout the world of forestry and beyond. She would be sorely missed.

In reply Jenny said:

"I would like to thank the Society for choosing me to be their Editor for the last five years. In fact this is my second shot at the editorship - the first time was in the late 80's and 90's. I am humbled that the Society has placed it's trust in me on two occasions. It's a responsibility that I was a little concerned about taking on again (it's a big job), but trees, woodland and forestry (which of course mean very different thingsto different people) have always been a passion; and it was, for me, a way of retaining a foothold in the area.

The Royal Scottish Forestry Society has been around for many years (as some wil be aware - indeed more than 160 years) the journal is slightly younger (not longer after the turn of the 20th Century) and it is a huge credit to the Society that it has continued to publish a journal year in, year out  and even during the war years. The journal, in present form, reaches its 70th birthday this year in 2016. That makes the next edition the platinum edition  and I hope you will enjoy reading the contents as much as I have had enjoyment in preparing, editing and publishing the contents of the 16 editions that went before.

I would like to thank the Presidents, Council and the Publications Committee and, in particular His Honour William Crawford, Drs David Rook and Bill Mason, James Olgilvie and Gavin Strachan. Thank you too to our energetic and forthright Director Alastair Harding, for support and those Friday evening - I'm just sitting down with a gin and tonic - catch up phone calls. Most of all thank you members for being with me and I hope that there will be many more events where our paths will cross again".

Thank you Jenny and we look forward to welcoming another former Editor back into the chair - a hearty wecome to Gavin Strachan.