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Farewell Lunch at Moffat

A select gathering of RSFS members joined Alastair Harding and his wife, Deborah, for a lunch on 1st December at the Annandale Arms Hotel, Moffat to mark his stepping down as RSFS Director after 5 years in position.

Alastair was presented with an Armada Dish inscribed “with warm thanks from RSFS".

William Crawford (Immediate Past-President) thanked Alastair for his hard work, organising, recruiting new members, running events, and his good humour.

Alastair gave a short speech, saying how he had enjoyed working with RSFS and wished the Society well. He encouraged us to keep recruiting members especially through the medium of the generic presentation to other clubs and societies.

Alastair will continue to be involved with RSFS through running the website,

George Moore Dec 16

Pictured below are the three Presidents Alastair worked with (L-R) - Sir Patrick Hunter Blair, Alastair, Simon Blackett and His Honour William Crawford.

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