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RSFS welcomes new Plant Health Centre for Scotland

RSFS is delighted to lend its support to the new Plant Health Centre for Scotland. Chris Allan, board member of RSFS, was one fo the delegates at the launch event at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh on 22 May 18. Reflecting on the day...

Chris said:

"This is a really important step for forestry in Scotland and for our members. It was particualrly pleasing to see that although there are many plant health problems now facing forestry, there is also considerable expertise and experience which can now be shared more effectively. The cross sectoral approach bringing together agriculture, horticulture, environment and forestry has to be the way ahead. It was refreshing to hear how solutions developed for one sector could be applied more widely."

Details of the Plant Health Centre, inclduing the information below, can be found at


The Plant Health Centre is a virtual centre of expertise funded by Scottish Government through RESAS (Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services Division) to help tackle plant health challenges for Scotland.

Working with the Chief Plant Health Officer for Scotland, Professor Gerry Saddler from Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA), the Centre brings the plant sectors for forestry, horticulture, environment and agriculture together to co-ordinate plant health knowledge, skills, needs and activities across Scotland. It works with Scottish Government, public bodies and stakeholders to provide scientific evidence to help them make important decisions about pests and pathogens that threaten Scotland the most. The Centre Directorate is headed up by the James Hutton Institute, and has sector leads from Scotland’s Rural College (agriculture), Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (horticulture and environment) and Forest Research (forestry).

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