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There’s more to forestry than trees. The Royal Scottish Forestry Society publishes a range of papers in its journal Scottish Forestry. The Neil Findlay Trophy is presented for the best paper which is “not a detailed account of conventional forest management, protection or research, but portrays wider perspectives of people’s involvement with trees, woodland and the environment”.

The 2017 winner is a paper entitled “Forest management and freshwater pearl mussels.”  It was written by ecologists and freshwater mussel experts Dr Peter Cosgrove, Donald Shields and Cameron Cosgrove from Alba Ecology Ltd  jointly with Forest Enterprise Scotland managers and ecologists, Neil McInnes, Suzanne Dolby, Derry Gunn and Kenny Kortland. A copy of the paper is available here.

In making the award, the publications committee commented that it was clearly written and well-illustrated.  The paper provides the background to this endangered species and impacts of forestry. It describes the results of Forest Enterprise funded surveys in their North Highland District which led to the discovery of new (ageing) populations and the development of practical mitigation measures which also benefit other wildlife.

Two of the authors attended the RSFS stand at the Highland Field Sports Fair in Moy on 4th August to receive the trophy.  The trophy was presented by RSFS President James Hepburne Scott to Dr Peter Cosgrove, Alba Ecology and Neil McInnes Environment Manager Forest Enterprise North Highland District.

James said “This article will bring the attention of the forestry community to the life of the fresh-water pearl mussel. It is a key indicator species for the health of river ecosystems on which forestry operations have a major impact”

The winners were also congratulated by Victor Clements who won the trophy 2 years ago. 

The photograph shows (left to right): Victor Clements, Neil McInnes (FES), Peter Cosgrove (Alba Ecology) and James Hepburne Scott.

About the trophy

Neil Findlay was President of the RSFS from 1989 to 1992. He was a stalwart supporter of the Society, so the award was engendered in 2010 in recognition of his long and selfless service. The wooden trophy was made for the RSFS by the late Tim Stead.. The wording of the Neil Findlay award for papers is that they are “not detailed accounts of conventional forest management, forest protection or research, but portray wider perspectives of people’s involvement with trees, woodland and the environment”





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