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Woodland reflections in the Autumn 2018 edition of ”Scottish Forestry”

Members and subscribers will be picking up the latest copy of Scottish Forestry, the Journal of the Royal Scottish Forestry Society. A reflective image on the cover, “Letter from Home” by Peter Bowsher, picks up the historical theme of many articles in this edition. 

The WW1 Centenary is commemorated with articles on the impact of the war on forestry and a photo-essay showcasing wood sculptures from Rozelle Park Remembrance Woodland in Ayrshire. A self styled old forester, who joined the Society and the profession in 1949 after service in the 2nd World War, recounts his experiences on joining the Forestry Commission.

Native woodlands feature in a review of upland native woodland restoration and the report of a visit by native pinewood managers.

The Reports section gives a flavour of the diversity of current RSFS activities with accounts of the Annual Excursion in north Scotland as well as a busy season of visits by the regions.

Sharing expertise of researchers and practitioners is a priority of the Society. In another packed edition, Scottish Forestry once again shows the many ways the RSFS promotes best practice in forest husbandry, forest education and woodland conservation.

About the journal

Scottish Forestry is the journal of the RSFS and has been in publication since the mid-1800's. It contains a mix of articles comprising Society news to peer-reviewed academic papers as well as a range of very informative general articles. At present we publish three-times annually, with one copy being kindly supported by Sir Henry Angest. RSFS is also grateful to regional page sponsors and advertisers for their support.

All members receive the journal as one of the many benefits of joining. Annual rates, with a discount for direct debit (DD) are as follows

Individual £62 (£55 by DD), Family £80 (£75 DD),Retired £55 (£50 DD) Student £30 (£27 DD

UK Libraries,academic bodies and public reading rooms may subscribe to the journal for £90. The overseas subscription rate is £150.

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