The Royal Scottish Forestry Society

...for those who love the forests, woodlands and trees of Scotland

Donate to the RSFS

Why you should donate

We are for foresters and others who love trees and woodland the stewards of education.  We achieve our objectives through the promotion of learning at visits, events, lectures and our annnual excursion as well as through our publication Scottish Forestry and newer digital platforms.  Examples of what you can achieve include:

  • £5 will host our website for a month;
  • £10 will meet the cost of the electricity at the Cashel Visitor Centre for a week;
  • £25 would allow us to support a student from a less able background with a year's free subscription to the Society;
  • £75 will allow pay for a bus to bring school children to Cashel;
  • £100 allows us to prepare a detailed fact sheet on a particular species for distribution to schools;
  • £250 meets the hosting cost of the entire back catalogue of Scottish Forestry for a year;
  • £500 would support bringing a keynote speaker for the RSFS Annual Lecture;
  • £750 would meet one tenth of the cost of an edition of our journal Scottish Forestry;

The RSFS has several very large scale programmes for which larger, or indeed larger numbers of smaller, donations are most welcome.  These include:

  • Our publication Scottish Forestry, which has been printed continuously since 1854, costs more than £7,000 per edition to create;
  • Seeking £3,000 matched funding for the McNeil Legacy promoting a scheme to permit tree-planing by Schools;
  • The Monitor Woods scheme is being established and new technologies are being created to support it.

Ways to donate

There are four ways in which you can donate to us:


By direct bank transfer
To our account with CAF bank
Account: 00400331
Sort: 83-91-46


Donation platform
By making adonation through BT MyDonate.  Alternatively, if you hold a Charities Aid Foundation Charity Account, you may wish send us a CAF voucher.




By cheque
You are able write a cheque payable to "RSFS" and send it to:
George Moore
Executive Director RSFS
The Lilliebow
The Stell


In Cash
We still take cash.  In fact, we will take bags of mixed UK coinage, which remains legal tender, and which you have accumulated in your sock drawer, down the side of the sofa or in your pocket.  Contact George Moore on 0131 6340043 for more details.

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