The Royal Scottish Forestry Society

...for those who love the forests, woodlands and trees of Scotland

Simon Hart

Business Development Manager
Egger Forestry

I have been attending RSFS meetings since I was a young forester. I always learn something new and find they are great networking opportunities.

Lord Donegall

Lord Donegall
Forest Owner

RSFS is an excellent way of keeping in touch, and hearing about the timber industry in Scotland. 

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James Ogilvie

Head of Social & Planning Policy
FC Scotland

For me, the RSFS is the ‘Go To’ forestry society in Scotland. Why?...

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Iain Laidlaw

PCS union rep for FCS staff
Forestry Commission Scotland

RSFS were instrumental in co-ordinating a broad group of interested stakeholder organisations when the Scottish Government wanted to introduce new organisational arrangements for forestry in Scotland (including splitting FCS).

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Eddie Addis

District Manager
Tillhill Forestry Ltd

As a professional forester working in largely commercial, investment forestry in South Scotland the Royal Scottish Forestry Society provides excellent opportunities to engage with others from our industry who have similar passions and interests.

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David Henderson-Howat

Past President ICF
Deputy Director FCS (ret'd)

I've greatly enjoyed my membership of the Society over the past 30 years, and have always found it a fantastic way to visit interesting places.

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Hugh Chalmers

Collaborative Action Coordinator
Tweed Forum

This is networking at its most productive level.  RSFS site meetings are a first of all a great place to learn. Participants have the opportunity to see at first-hand how woodlands and forests are being managed, usually with the owner or manager on hand to answer questions.

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Chris Badenoch

Borders Officer
SNH (Ret'd)

I first came across the RSFS in 1969, when I was working for the Nature Conservancy - but with FC – on a three year assessment of Red Deer damage in FC commercial woodland in the Highland Conservancy. 

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