The Royal Scottish Forestry Society

...for those who love the forests, woodlands and trees of Scotland

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Join Us

We welcome everyone who shares our passion for the trees and forests of Scotland.  Most of our members live in Scotland but we have members from across the world.   Read the stories from our members in the scrolling Testimonials on this page.  Why not see for yourself and become a member?

What are the benefits of membership?

Many of our events are open to guests but becoming a member allows you to:

  • Attend member only meetings and book early for others including the annual excursion in Scotland and overseas trips.
  • Receive our well respected Scottish Forestry containing articles on all aspects of trees and woods;
  • Access our targeted online news service
  • Use our specialist library and Journal archive;
  • Add your voice when the RSFS is consulted on forestry, land use and environmental policy matters;
  • Support RSFS services for younger people, such as our advice on forestry careers, bursaries to young foresters to attend RSFS events and for independent travel, and prizes to forestry students at local colleges.
  • Your subscription will help us provide free information to many folk with a passing interest in trees who visit our website, our woods or contact us for information - all adding up to a more enlightened understanding of the vital role of trees.

How much does it cost?

Here are the subscription rates.  There is a discount if you pay by direct debit.

By Bank
By Direct
By Direct
Family membership 91 78 6.50
Member 68 57 4.75
Student member 18 12 1.00

To become a member, please contact George Moore for more details.

Corporate Membership and Sponsorship

We are pleased to have the support of our Corporate Members.  These organisations support the aims of the RSFS and contribute in an number of ways to our activities for example by hosting visits.  Corporate membership is agreed on an individual case basis and can include group membership for staff as part of career development and preferential rates for advertising.  Please contact the George Moore for more details

How else can I help?

We benefit hugely from the goodwill and efforts of our volunteers.  We welcome all members who are able to give some time or share their expertise in helping the work of he RSFS.  

We would also be delighted if you would wished to make a contribution to the work of the Society through donation or legacy, perhaps to commemorate someone with a love of Scottish Forestry.


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